• How Often Should I Clean My Gutters?

  • It’s dirty work, so we'll do it for you. Your gutters need to be kept free of dead leaves, birds’ nests, and other debris. 

    And it’s especially relevant in Auckland, where we can literally get four seasons in one day. We tend to forget about our gutters in New Zealand until it’s too late.

    Dry leaves, tree branches, and even birds nests accumulate in your gutters and you won’t notice until they start overflowing during the first big rain of the season. Or worse, you won’t notice at all.


    Mold is an issue in the humidity of Auckand, especially in plaster clad houses. As leaves decompose, the water in your gutters will start to fester and mold starts growing.

    In our wet Auckland climate, mold is common and can cause health problems if it gets inside your house. And it’s tricky to thoroughly clean, so it’s best to stop mold before it starts.

    How Often?

    Well it depends on your home and location. We recommend cleaning your gutters least twice a year– once in the late spring and once in the late summer/early Autumn. But there are a few factors that might mean you need to clean more regularly.

    If you have pines growing above your home, consider inspecting your gutters every three months. This is because pine trees shed needles year-round (and there's a lot of them).

    Bugs and rodents

    Gutters are magnets for insects, birds, mice and other criters. Warm moist decomposing leaves are an ideal food source for pests and once they’ve settled into your gutters, their next stop will be inside your home.